Friday, February 28, 2014

Buenos Aires, Argentina Part 2

We have been busy getting our affairs back in order since our return to the US, I've been dealing with the deadbeats squatting in my house.  Finally got them out and am in the process of getting my house cleaned up and repaired.  Had taxes to take care of as well as PENNDOT business with license and registrations.  Had to get postal situation straightene out also.  Judy has been working on her house and trying to stay warm this winter.  It was 87 degrees when we left so this has been an adjustment.  As it turns out I finally made time for this post.  Our last few days in Buenos Aires were all about getting the bike shipped but we managed to see some sights as well.

                The main drag through Buenos Aires-  12 lanes wide/ one way

           We took this picture because Judy heats with firewood,  these are huge locust trees

We found these ant trails 

     There are a lot of these rubber trees in Buenos Aires

                                                   Rose Park

           Bronze statue called the Flower of Youth

We found fountains everywhere we went unfortunately, very few of them were working

           Reminded us of the movie Back to the Future

      Another magnificent doorway with detail below

This next series of photos are taken in Recoleta Cemetary,  claimed to be one of the most beautiful in the world.  Some of the most expensive real estate in the city.  Rich and famous Argentines are buried here with the beloved Eva Peron being the main attraction.  Google her name.

The crypts weren't exactly maintained so I took pictures inside these two to see what's up.  The caskets are stacked five or six  deep on three sides of the crypt.


This is the Duarte family plot,  Eva Perons' family.

The biggest rubber tree. 150 foot span

The branches are so massive they are held up with steel pillars

         Part of the giant root system

            Volkswagen Love Bus

   More trees found on our walk around.

                             Rock and Roll is alive and well in Argentina

Some scrap metal art outside of the railroad museum

This museum was mostly artifacts from trains or stations,  no locomotives or train cars other than the small one below

                  I've got an idea. Move the ladders and present the locomotive better

                A gigantic set of billows for the coal fired steam engines

             Five foot tall railroad jack

Rectifier-  I'm pretty clueless on what this does but I thought it looked pretty wild

Old Time ticket box

I guess this phone extended out to the engineer at the station

Good old fashioned security system

Some elaborate thrones from days gone bye

                                                   These two are subway art

                        A pregnant tree
and a mail box outside the customs office

We took a tour of CASA ROSADA,, the President of Argentinas House.  Just walk right in, no metal detectors, no pat down, no being treated like a terrorist.  The free tour was pretty cool.  The only place we weren't allowed to take pictures was in the presidents personal office.  (think Oval Office). Google Casa Rosada for further information on  how it got the name

There was mostly art work to look at in the building,  more of an art museum.  This particular picture is two things.  An indigenous mans head and face and a condor head.

              courtyard               Obviously

                   View from the balcony Eva Peron used to sing to the masses

                            Buenos Aires is known a the Pari of South America

Old reflecting off of the new/ close up below

And SADLY the adventure has come to an end.  Here the bike is at the airport , palleted, strapped down and ready for shrink wrapping before the flight to Baltimore


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