Sunday, February 16, 2014

Buenos Aires, Argentina Part 1

We have been back in the United States for two weeks now.  It's been a hectic time running around taking care of various things from banking, postal, house, getting the motorcycle, etc, etc.  We also have had to deal with the change from 87degrees in Buenos Aires to freezing temps and snowstorms in Pennsylvania.  Finally taking the time to post the first installment from the final days of our trip.  In no particular order these are just pictures from around the city,  mostly self explanatory.  There will be at least one more post after this one so keep checking back.

                           Street Market held every Sunday

          One of the locks of the waterfront district/ old canal

     We took a walk through this museum ship cost less than $1 for both of us


                               Big guns

                  We took another bus tour

    Plaza de Mayo and the Presidents house behind statue, Casa Rosada, the Pink House. Next post 
will have pictures from the free tour we took there.

these pictures are from an area in Bueno Aires called La Boca, famous for the colorful buildings and the Tango

                            Looks like a tourrorist.

        Work crews are the same everywhere,  one guy working five guys standing around

                                        Entrance to the horse racing

                                                    US Embassy

                                      Galileo Observatory, another free tour we took

                   Fernando Bótero’s Torso Masculino Desnudo 


Floralis Genérica-

      Detail from the building below,  one of the best theatres in the world for acoustics

                     Still known as Esso in South America- EXXON in US if you didn't know

              One of the subway trains we rode 

next post will have pictures from a train museum, architecture and design museum and more from Buenos Aires

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