Sunday, November 10, 2013

Rambling Update-Taking A Break

After the beaten we took on the Laguna route through southern Bolivia,  we stopped in San Pedro de Atacama, Chile for a couple of days.  The decision was made to border hop into Argentina because we heard it was pretty neat, rather than ride through the desert in Chile.  We ended up in Salta, Argentina for several days at a hostal that was having a free accommodation promotion.  That was alright since it was free but it was a party hostal and it got real loose there.  Okay when I was in my twenties but too much for me too put up with in my fifties.  We moved on from there to a cool little town called Cafayate, Argentina then to this town, Mendoza.  Both towns are world renowned for Argentine wine apparently.  The crew I've been traveling with has been wine tasting for several days now.   Ive had some camera issues lately so this is just an update without photos  We will be going back into Chile in the next few days to Santiago for some motorcycle maintenance and one of the crew has a plane to catch.  This has been more or less a much needed break from riding hard and blogging.   We will be bouncing back and forth across the border from here to the bottom of South America so look forward to upcoming posts from the lake districts and Patagonia.  

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