Friday, October 25, 2013

Bolivia Part 1

I've been trying for three days to upload this post.   Not sure if it is Bolivian Internet or operator error.  I suspect Bolivian Internet because I haven't had any problems until I entered Bolivia. Whatever the problem I decided to break it up into three posts,  maybe that will help.
   To start off,  I forgot to load the obligatory pose at Machu Picchu so here they are.

This was the easiest border crossing yet.  Out of Peru in five minutes into Bolivia in about 25. It was definitely less than an hour.  As soon as we entered the scenery was magnificent, even though it was still Lake Titicaca it just seemed cleaner than Peru.

          Check out the snow capped mountains in these two

Eventually we had to cross the lake on these fine ferries.
      Watch where you put the wheels and kickstand.  Check out the freshly polished boots.

We made our way through the nightmare known as El Alto which is a suburb of La Paz.  That was the absolute worst traffic and pedestrian congestion we have ridden in so far.  La Paz sits in a bowl surrounded by mountains.  We were still wound up from El Alto and didn't get any good pictures of La Paz.  Try google images for an idea of what it looks like.  Walking around we saw llama fetuses for sale
as good luck ornaments for your house.

We went into a restaurant that was full of antiques and other novelties such as this Fred Flintstone style
scooter, complete with foot brake.

  Going up the steps we saw this.  A blower for a blacksmiths forge from Lancaster,Pa- in Bolivia.

Naturally I vacated La Paz as fast as I could.  Heading up one of the canyons I came to an overlook.

         and parked right in front of Jesus.  He said "Hey, what are you doing, I can't see"

                             I then proceeded down through this canyon

    Stopped here for some free samples, none to be found.           Just kidding, mom!

I had to go uphill on twelve miles of cobblestone to get to Coroico.  I hit a mud puddle and dropped the bike.  First time this trip.  I just picked it back up when a German on a BMW G650 Xchallenge, came around the corner and told me about this place.

    Pool and hot tub with mountain view.

                                   Hammocks for lounging around
                               Cool outdoor sink
             Open air dining  area and a complete menu. All for $4.00 a night.

      This is the Germans bike.   Martin has been travelling around the world for three and a half years now.  He just has to go from here to Alaska and his journey is complete...maybe.  

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