Friday, October 25, 2013

Bolivia Part 2- DEATH ROAD


         Let's park here for pictures.
                     Zoom in a little
                                                      The rest of the story

                 Mountain bikers are brought by the bus load by tour operators

We finished the day with a seventy mile ride on a muddy dirt road only to get up and ride for two more days on dirt.  A total of three hundred miles before we hit asphalt again.

             This is Martin and his BMW G650 Xchallenge

             This is me after following Martin most of the day.
          This is the bike after following Martin most o the day.
                             this is me and the bike after following Martin most of the day
                    We saw this river not knowing we would have to cross it eventually

We rode down that hill to the river crossing.  It was mostly mud and rock but there were five places we had to cross the water.  The first part was about two feet deep.  We got wet right away trying to find out how deep it was and looking for places to cross.
this was the last crossing.  Only about a foot and a half deep but longer than the rest,in one end
                                                   Out the other

It was dark by the time we found a town to stay in.  Next day, back on the dirt road.

  Coming down another mountain we came across cactus growing.

                                 Typical adobe farm in the mountains
                                                       Sandstone cliffs

                     The landscape changes as you go up to 14,000 feet



  1. Your mountain and sky pics are always breathtaking. They look like paintings!

  2. Some trail dust on that course. Dang remember to brush your teeth-