Friday, September 27, 2013

Laguna Paron in Huascaran National Park

We took a ride up into the mountains today to go hiking in the national park.  Lake Paron is the largest and most scenic lake in the park. The road up was another fine example of where NOT to take a Harley.  Twenty miles uphill of rugged,rocky four wheel drive goat path.  I call these 'KTM roads" because that is the only motorcycle suitable for these kind of roads.  Halfway up we entered the national park, then the road got worse.  An hour and a half to ride twenty miles but the scenery was magnificent so it was definitely worth the effort.  Pictures may be repetitious or of different angles but the peaks dominated the scenery so that is what we took the most pictures of.

                             Park entrance at 11,000 feet

              We hiked back on the left side of the lake to mountains in back.

                                              Over 13,600 feet.

      The water level was really low,  you can see dry lakebed at far end of lake.

                Dry lakebed I mentioned earlier.

             Gettin' my pose on.

     Part of the goat path we rode up the mountain.  Check out how steep Andes can get.
          Scenes on the road back down.

                                        Nothing runs like a Deere.

                    Eucalyptus trees in a scenic valley coming out of the park

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  1. Yo cuz....jim and i are checking out the blog....pretty awesome pics ...we are jealous!!!!!hope you and judy are livin it up