Thursday, July 18, 2013

A Little Side Trip On the Colombian/Ecuador Border

This was on aSunday  so church service was in progress when we got there

                           These are the massive hand carved wooden doors
                              that were under the  alcove above 
 These two pictures show how it was built right into the cliff.

By the way, check this out

                              Pretty cool isn't it!

After church service was over I went inside for some pics
Built right into the rock, the whole back wall of the church was rock.

Next pictures are the gigantic stained glass windows

This ends our tour of Las Lajas Sanctuary on the Colombian/Ecuador border.  You can find more information and the story of this church by cutting and pasting this

We are now in Quito, Ecuador making arrangements to go on an Amazon jungle tour.  Somehow we crossed the equator without knowing it.  No signs, monuments, markers or any indication whatsoever so we will be backtracking to get pictures somewhere on the equator.  There is a place north west of our location so stay tuned for those pictures and more from Ecuador.   By the way, you think of the equator and expect it to be warm.  We are wearing long pants, long sleeves and leather coats here in Quito,  it's around50-60 degrees. Not cold but not shorts weather either.  Enjoy your heat wave.

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