Thursday, June 13, 2013

Last Night In North America

I haven't posted for a while because we left the charger to the IPad in a hotel room in Costa Rica. We are now in Panama City, Panama getting ready to load up on a ship to Cartegena, Columbia.  Check out the ship at    We went to an active volcano before leaving Costa Rica. Then after a couple of wet travel days and another border crossing into Panama we got up this morning and went to the Panama Canal to watch some small watercraft pass through.  The large ships go through after 2:00 so if you ever end up here keep that in mind.  We saw one passing through yesterday but we were on a mission to find a roof so we didn't stop.  We found a charger this afternoon at the first store we walked into, so that was a relief.  We then  proceeded to get tangled up in downtown traffic looking for the rendezvous point with the other riders lined up for for tomorrow.  I still hate cities. So, goodbye from Panama,  we will be in or on our way to South America the next time I post.  Stay tuned....

Some shots of our ride through Costa Rica on the ride around the peninsula 
Curvy mountain roads headed for Volcano Poas forced to look at scenery like this
This cart and cypress bench were outside of one the restaurants we ate at

Volcano Poas

We took a short hike up the mountain to a crater lake

We stopped in a town called Jaco to check out this place a friend told us about 
When they were here on vacation.
This overlooks Jaco on the outskirts of town

Next up-Panama

We turned around to check out this place because of the stuff outside.
This one is wood also,  about seven feet long.

We came out of our hotel room this morning and found this critter laying on his back, so we rolled him over to check it out.  Guess what? It moved
Could you hand me my glasses please
We went to eat breakfast and when we came back he/she flipped itself back over so we letit be

Notice the water level has been dropping,soon they open the gates and untie them, out they go

This ends this leg of our tour of North America, just in time because I now see blue ink and an underline and I have no idea how I managed to do that SOUTH AMERICA HERE WE COME

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  1. Fantastic photos I knew it was on the ring of fire but how many volcanoes are down there? Great photo of the electric pole. That customs thing looks like one PITA.