Monday, May 6, 2013

We're Havin' Big Fun Now

The last post was the start of three nights at the beach on the Gulf of Mexico in Tecolutla north of Veracruz. It turned into five nights. On the second night Judy started the show with a pot and a bucket duet playing the tune titled "Montezuma's Revenge". I wasn't about to let her have all of the fun, so on the third night I started flopping around on the tile floor of the shower clutching my guts wishing the creature from the movie "Alien" would pop out of there. We needed a fourth night to recover so we stayed, only to wake up to a serious storm pounding the surf and high winds whipping across the land. Night five sounded like a good idea at that point. Fernando is the son of the hotel Castillo owners and was very helpful while we were sick. He learned English by listening to American music and has plans to go to Mexico City to become a lawyer. He has also been taking karate lessons for 10 years since he was 8 years old. Finally, we got back on the road and headed south toward Veracruz through sugar cane fields, cattle ranches and banana plantations. We saw a volcano on the map so we decided we were healthy enough and wanted to check it out.
As it turns out, it wasn't a /\ type volcano like we had pictured in our minds, but the whole area was a dormant caldera right on the gulf so we ended up riding the perimeter yesterday until we decided to stop and found a cabana in a little fishing village hidden away in a cove. Another night on the beach. We got up today and rather than roll right away we decided to hit the interior and check it out. We took a few pictures and ended up in a small town having a Cinco De Mayo fiesta. Nothing major just a community gathering in the local park where we ate lunch. I ended up back in this town later because of the lack of gas stations in the area I had to get gas out of a bucket at the local marina. It beat walkin'. We headed out around three o'clock and ended up here in Acayacun. We walked around the plaza and checked out another Cinco de Mayo festival. Again, nothing extravagent more of a family event, not a drinking excuse like in the US. It has been cloudy and overcast ever since the storm rolled through. By the way, someone emailed and asked if I knew how to start a new paragraph. Yes, I do but I look at this as a string of events sort of like notes not an assignment Roll the pictures.
      And how do you like me now?


  1. Looks like you are having fun, sorry to hear you got sick. Love ya

  2. Tried adding a comment. Before this on I didn't see it wtfo. Glad your back in the saddle. Keep em coming.

  3. Looks like you're having fun, try and get some rest and feel better. Can't wait to read more stories and see more pictures you post up.