Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Crater Lake and Fresh Ground Coffee

We decided to stay another day so we could go to a crater lake in a volcano and check out a coffee plantation in the same area. The lake is Laguna Alegria near the town of the same name. The rainy season is just getting started, so the water level was low. Of course it was three miles of uphill cobblestone and dirt mountain road like we were on the other day, and wet. After the ride around the lake and some lunch in Alegria, we went to Cartegena Coffee Plantation on the outskirts of town. We took very few pictures while there. The first machine is the drier, which is for light production. It can dry 25 lbs of beans in 20 minutes. The next machine is the grinder. They get one crop a year which will be ready in Oct, Nov, and Dec. After the walk around we drank some fresh ground coffee while enjoying beautiful views from the multiple decks overlooking the valley while being serenaded with love songs.


  1. per chrissi fair...we need a picture of woody!

  2. Unusual to think about all the volcanoes. Send some coffee bean seeds to plant, some coffee if its good and cigars