Thursday, April 11, 2013

Midnight In Montgomery

We left Douglas, Ga. this morning riding toward the lightning thunder hail and tornados that are rolling over the deep south. We rode across Georgia on state route 32. What a great riding road. Long straight stretches long sweeping curves and smooth asphalt through pine forests and serene lakes dotting the countryside. We then picked up US82 in Dawson,Ga for another 130 miles of riding bliss. West of I75 in Ga the terrain started to change to rolling farmland with a lot of angus and crops other than pine trees Corn is popping through the soil already in these parts. The closer we got to Montgomery the road started to roller coaster and curves were sharper and more frequent. We interrupt this ride to introduce you to Alabama State Trooper T A Hutton. Not so fast yankee, here's your warning. Apparently those little white signs with the number 55 on them are not suggestions but actually the state speed limit. Who knew? We made it into Montgomery in time to get a room and some food before the storms hit. I also fixed yesterday's post so you should see the pictures this time. I still can't get the captions on more than one or two pictures so that is still an issue. Over and Out

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