Saturday, April 6, 2013

Medical Emergency, Ambulance and the Hospital

Okay, so we arrived Wednesday evening in Fayetteville at my father in laws house to ride out the stormy weather. We planned to stay two nights and leave on Friday.  As it turned out, his caretaker was away for the week so we volunteered to stay with him until she got back. Friday morning he wakes up late, which was unusual for him, he's always the first one up. He stumbles out of bed and tells us he can't see anything.  Now what?  He refuses to go to the eye doctor so we just carry on as usual. Try to tell an 80+ year old retired military man to do anything. Good luck with that. Anyway around 3:30 he slumps into his table and is incoherent and unable to move or respond. Naturally we call 911 and his son in Texas. The paramedics arrive and within that time he has returned from space and is able to answer all questions and refuse care. They eventually abide and pack up to leave. No sooner are they at the end of the driveway Ray says he is having trouble breathing. So Judy runs out after them, they hook him up to monitor his heartbeat and tell us they are taking him to the hospital because of an erratic heartbeat. He's in the hospital being tested and his son can't get a flight until Monday so we will be staying here until then to keep the place secure and wait for Randy to show up as well as find out how Ray is doing.
      The next post will be from the road south of here, either Charleston,SC or Savannah,GA until then sit tight. Thank you


  1. Wow! What an adventure already! Be careful. . .

  2. You guys were at the right place at the right time!