Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Judge Roy Bean, Big Bend NP and Mexico's Doorstep

We left Del Rio yesterday and rode west into the town of Langtry, TX. which is famous for Judge Roy Bean. The Law West of the Pecos. According to the exhibit in the visitors center. There was no jail so every crime was a a finable offense. He even confiscated a Colt revolver from a dead man and fined him the $42 in his pocket for carrying a concealed weapon. They had a beautiful cactus garden on the grounds next to his Courthouse/Saloon/Billiard Hall. I started taking pictures of each sign and plant and before I knew it the must have been fifty varieties of cactus growing. Don't worry I won't bore you with too many. We then bought our pass for Big Bend NP and passed through the park to a dry,dusty town called Terlingua,TX. We got up today and toured the park and hiked into Santa Elana Canyon.  Cut by the Rio Grande the canyon walls are 1500 feet high. The water level is really low and there were spots you could easily walk across into Mexico the only problem is getting fined or prison for illegally entering either country. We are going to Mexico tomorrow so no need to take a chance today. Hasta LaByeBye from Presidio,TX.


  1. you can bore me with the pictures. send me them via email

  2. Hey, I remember that movie with Paul Newman as Judge Roy Bean! That's so cool. Great pics, Steve. Your mom told me about your adventure. Enjoy yourselves.