Thursday, April 4, 2013

Holed Up In Fayetteville

We caught the 10am ferry off of Okracoke Island yesterday. That was a windy choppy whitecap death ride. I prefer two feet on dry land, preferably the mountains so motion sickness was creeping in. We found a seat in the passenger lounge and ate some bagels we had and washed them down with coffee. Getting some food in my stomach helped so I made it through the 2 1/2 hour crossing okay.
We met another long distance adventure rider on the first ferry from Hatteras. Andre is a German born architect that has been living in NY city for the past twelve years.  He is on a three month tour of the back roads of the United States riding a Harley Davidson V-Rod. To make a long tour short he was going from NY to Key West, west to San Francisco then back to NY and all points in between.
We rolled into Fayetteville around 6 pm where we are going to ride out the storm that is looming with the possibility of tornados. Judy suggested we storm chase on the motorcycle.  I passed.
I think I figured out the photo issue so let me post a few to catch up to this point.  Edit:  I can get the pictures on, now I have to figure out the captions.  They are pretty much self explanatory from odometer reading at start of journey to the picture of  Judy and Andre.  There are a several signs in there so be might learn something.

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  1. Thanks for sharing....I am excited to follow your journey! Hahahaha, it does not surprise me that Judy wanted to storm chase on the motorcycle;)