Saturday, April 20, 2013

Copper Canyon

We woke up this morning at 7000+ feet above sea level and you could see your breath in the air, A perfect morning for a ride. After breakfast we headed out to ride around the Copper Canyon. It's not just one canyon but six. We stopped and took a gondola out over one of the canyons and had an excellent operator, Guadalupe, that was very knowledgable about the history, geology, flora and fauna. They are in the process of installing the worlds largest zip-line right next to the tram, expected speeds of 70 miles an hour out over this canyon  you can also cliff climb and ride the existing zip-line After the ride we rode towards Urique until we ran out of asphalt. I wanted to keep going but needed to turn around anyway, the road was one way in one way out. Oh yeah, when we arrived at the tram the police had the road blocked off and wouldn't let us return to Creel. It turns out there was a car race, The Chihuahua Express, that was due to finish at this point and they had the road closed to all traffic. We met a lady from California, Rita who was waiting for her husband Doug, who was one of the drivers in the race.   We are now back in Creel sitting in La Cabana Restaurant enjoying coffee after supper and writing this post. See you later, goodbye   PS. The last photo is of 400 year old burial caves used by the Tarahumara Indians.

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  1. Hey looks like you're having a good time, I like the pics. Love ya