Thursday, April 18, 2013

Border Crossing Into Mexico and on to Chihuahua

We woke up early this morning in anticipation of our border crossing into Mexico. We went next door to the Oasis restaurant for a delicious breakfast burrito and coffee. While there, we interrogated the waitress about the whole process. She was very informative and really put us at ease about the ordeal as well as giving us sound directions to Chihuahua,Mexico where we now sit in the home of Cesar Villa and his beautiful wife Violeta and their three month new son Cesar Gabriel Villa Jr. I contacted them through ADVrider website where they offered other riders like us, tent space. They have been wonderful, gracious hosts offering us the world. Violetas home cooked meal was better than any Mexican restaurant we have eaten at along the way Cesar went over the map with us and showed us the few spots to avoid, but other than that the country is safer than the US media will have you believe, We are resting up here until we leave for the Copper Canyon tomorrow. Talk to you later

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  1. Dear Steve and Judy. We wish you a safe and enlightening travel to the end of the world. We look forward to meet you again on your way back. Cesar and Vio