Saturday, April 20, 2013

A Change of Scenery, Dust Devils and Horsin' Around

After a wonderful visit with our new friends Cesar and Violeta we moved on towards the Copper Canyon. After the crush of close to a million people in Chihuahua we were glad to get away from the traffic. The scenery has been pretty much the same since we left the hill country of Texas, dry scrubby brush in a brutal desert environment. On the road to Creel it finally started to rise in elevation and I think they're Juniper trees, started to cover the landscape. We arrived in Creel, the largest town in the Copper Canyon area, population 6000. I'm including a few pictures we took today that include what I call a "dust devil" along the road when we stopped to rest as well as a huge dust devil over the mountain as seen from the street in Creel. You can see the change in scenery and a smilin' horse although he doesn't have much to smile about. Just horsin' around!

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