Monday, April 29, 2013

Tecolutla, Mexico on the Gulf and I mean ON the Gulf

We found a beach. We negotiated a deal to stay for three nights. Gulf side/king sized bed/breakfast/wi-fi/pool and a balcony for about $28/night. Time for more R&R. Will post in a few days if I don't get too sunburnt.

One Last Jaunt Around Guanajuato

Just a short post here. We found out Guanajuato is a UNESCO World Heritage site so we figured we do a quick ride around the city and through the tunnel network and take more pictures to try and give you a feel for the underground maze. Just note that we are moving and we're in the tunnels so some pics are not clear. These tunnels intersect and branch off underground and the city is on a mountainside so some of the cobblestone roads are steep and bumpy and have sharp turns all over the place. It's kind of nerve racking on a heavy motorcycle. We then moved on to this town about 80 miles north of Mexico City called Ixmiquilpan. Tomorrow is another travel day so we probably won't post for a day or so until we get settled in on the gulf coast, yeah on another beach, boohoo!! The last picture is a nod to Viggio.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Early Morning Yesterday, Up Before the Dawn...We Must Be Movin' On

There's an old saying that guests are like fish, after three days they begin to stink. Besides not wanting to wear out our welcome, we were ready to hit the road. So with a tear in our eye we pried ourselves away from our new friends. George and his cousins as well as all of the people in Chametla treated us like family and welcomed us back any time. Just as Cesar and Violeta did in Chihuahua. Maybe our country should rethink their portrayal of the Mexican people. I think the media has it all wrong. The bike turned south and then east toward Guadalahara. I managed to get us into the city center at rush hour in 90*+ heat with full leathers and helmet on. An hour and a half later we squirted out the other side and found the next closest town spelled Zapotanlejo. Seemed like a trendy place with a lot of friendly people. We ate some tacos from the street vendor right outside our hotel and we both agree they were the best so far. Today(Sat). We moved on to a town I had read about called Guanajuato. This place looks Spanish on the outside but with all of the tunnels interconnecting under the ground it looks like a medieval city out of Europe down there, we just haven't been able to place it. We took a funicular ride up the hill and back for $5 and got a bunch of neat photos from up there. By the way we are headed for the Gulf coast side of Mexico and if you didn't know it the map at the bottom of the blog has pinpoints at our stops in case you want to see our trail. So, on with the show....